It’s true that home is where the heart is, but it’s also where a significant portion of your pay packet goes. That’s why it can be increasingly difficult to find affordable houses to rent, no matter your job or area.

However, with the impact of COVID-19, more and more people are having to relocate for jobs… as they say, follow the money. So, if you’re interested in a tech job and you’re looking to move to Dublin, this article is perfect for you.

Today we’re counting down our top 5 picks for affordable areas to live in Dublin, in line with those working in the tech sector. Any recent housing crisis is bound to scare renters, but luckily with our advice, you’ll have the support needed to turn your struggle into a success story.

If you’re looking for homes along the glorious Silicon Docks (Dublin’s answer to Silicon Valley), this list will tick every box.

Why Work in Dublin?

As the capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin is home to many tech professionals. Boasting companies like AbbVie, a pharmaceutical tech company in the city centre, it’s clear that this city is the perfect place to find a home, whether you’re running start-ups or trying to crack into some of the biggest tech companies.

As well as being a bustling metropolis for tech workers, Dublin also boasts some very affordable property prices. We hope that the results on this list will give you some content you can use to make the experience of finding homes that bit easier.

Cost of Living in Dublin

Whilst some people would expect living in this area of Ireland to cost an arm and a leg, it’s actually a firm bargain. This, of course, is considering all of the local amenities, quality of living, and proximity to tech companies that makes Dublin such an attractive European city to live in.

The average cost of renting an apartment in this Irish city is around €1000 a month. This makes it a winner for employees of tech companies, of which you could be a part.

If your goal is to work in the Silicon Docks – the docklands area housing the best of Dublin tech – then read on for our top 5 neighbourhoods to live in, if you’re wanting to work in this area of Ireland.

The Top 5 Areas to Live in Dublin if You Work for Tech Firms


Situated on the south side of this big Irish city, Rialto takes its name from Venice (no, seriously).

With long connections to tech workers from nearly every company or industry, this place is just a short walk or bike ride away to the city centre, making it ideal for any number of people who want to work in a company in the heart of Ireland.

Ideal For: Employees working in a central Dublin office – with such a close proximity, you’ll have an easy experience finding jobs.


With a trendy array of gastropubs, restaurants and cafes – akin to Berlin’s Kreuzberg district -, Ranelagh is another housing district ideal for people looking to work in technology companies close to the city centre. Its loving residents are known for looking out for each other, spotting gorgeous street art, and even petting a dog or two.

With just a quick Google search, it’s clear that this trendy district is a great neighbourhood to live in if you’re looking for a friendly neighbourhood, community support, and fabulous culture right on your doorstep.

Not only this, but as it’s just a stone’s throw away from popular housing districts like Rialto, it’s a plus for anybody gunning to be employees of big Irish technology companies – no shortage of jobs around here.

Ideal For: Those looking for jobs in central companies – it’s super close to the heart of this Irish capital.


Noted for offering the “very best of South Dublin”, Cherrywood is an up-and-coming hotspot for anyone wanting a trendy Irish way of life. This neighbourhood is the perfect site of developing homes, so it’s easy to see how it defines innovation.

This makes it ideal for anybody wanting to work in technology jobs. All you need is a quick Google to see a perfect, pretty image of this wonderful Irish suburb. Unsurprisingly, it’s made headline news in the Irish capital over the past year for its stunning developments.

Ideal For: Employees of Dell, or staff of Sandyford-based companies.

North Strand

We’re switching to the other side of Dublin now, and instead we’ve come to the North – into North Strand. This residential, urban neighbourhood is truly in the heart of the capital. It’s the perfect image of Dubliner life… just one search on popular news outlets will confirm this.

With theatres, clubs, restaurants, and more right on your doorstep, there’s rarely a better place in the North of the capital to live.

Ideal For: Any staff of Silicon Docks companies, as this neighbourhood is remarkably close to the docks.


If you’re a fan of the news, you’ll have read that this next neighbourhood is one of the capital’s fastest-growing towns. With both a rich history, and a promising future, Saggart sits at the end of Luas and is home to many young residents… especially those working for large businesses.

Ideal For: Those aiming to work in the Citywest region.


Yet another pick remarked by news outlets for its fresh, up-and-coming way of life, Phibsborough is our final option.

With classic restaurants, gastropubs, and cocktail bars on every corner, Phibsborough brings that urban centre glam down to a local neighbourhood. This neighbourhood also boasts a rural, quiet feel in some districts – so you’re truly spoilt for choice.

Most frequently described by its residents as an extension of the capital’s centre, this is an affordable way to live right in the heart of one of Europe’s most exciting cities… without having to deal with extortionate rent!

Ideal For: Those working in the centre of the capital, as it’s accessible via a short walk or bike ride.