The past year has been difficult due to Covid and the majority of us have had to adapt our lifestyle to the comfort of our homes. As a result of this, many people turn to DIY activities in order to keep themselves entertained as well as keeping their home looking fresh. If you are like me who spend the majority of their day in the bedroom then it’s important to turn that space in a sanctuary in order to keep the space looking good and you feeling good. Inspire yourself with this shortlist of neat DIY tricks you can try for your bedroom.


Cloud Roof

A recent new DIY discovery went viral on social media for having cloud ceilings and instantly had many people recreating their own versions for their room.

With a bit of time and effort, you can do the same. You will need a large amount of thick wool to cover your chosen area as well as a LED light strip.

Position the LED strip in an irregular fashion along the ceiling/wall and simply stick the wool over all the areas of light. The cloud will diffuse the light and create a beautiful look of lighting behind the clouds.

Clothesline Picture Holder

We have all had that one blank wall that we never know what to fill it with, well here is a cheap and effective way of filling in that space. 

Through the use of a few long pieces of string, clothing pegs, pins, and printed photos, you are able to spice up your wall and reminisce back to fond memories by hanging them on your wall.

Cupcake Flower Lights

With Christmas out the way, you may still have a few decorations or lights lying around, so why not put them to good use.

The making of these lights couldn’t be any easier, all you need are some cupcake papers, string lights, glue/tape, scissors, and you are well on your way to some fancy new lighting decorations.

Simply take your cupcake papers and cut them into various shapes of your desire, most tend to do flowers. Poke a hole in the centre of the paper for the light to feed through and then glue or tape them to the back of the light. Repeat this process and hand up your new lights.

Flowered Letters


Flowered letters mounted on the wall is a fantastic way of not only expressing yourself but also adding some personality to your room, distinguishing it as your own. 

Spell out whatever you want on your wall by combining some wooden letters which can be found for relatively cheap online and some bright colourful fake flowers and simply sticking them onto the wood. It makes for a really effective accessory for your room.


Now it’s time for you to take these ideas and go and try them out for yourself with your own creative twist.