If you’re not in the flower-know, how do you know which flowers to send to people for different occasions?  You’re already at a loss even before you consider the different meanings each flower has.  With so many flower types and arrangements to pick and choose from, it can be extremely daunting when it comes to choosing the ideal bouquet.  No need to worry as we’re here to help.  Check out our flower occasion guide below to make sure your bouquet of choice is both thoughtful (and appropriate). 


Best birthday flowers for a girlfriend 

 If you’re looking to impress your girlfriend on her birthday, make sure to find out what her favourite flower is.  If that’s not possible, make sure to pick a colour scheme that you know she will love.  This impressive attention to detail will ensure your girlfriend feels appreciated.  Alternatively, you can opt for a fun, vibrant arrangement with a mixture of bright large flowers.  We definitely recommend adding Peruvian lilies to your bouquet. 


Best birthday flowers for your wife 

 If you’re married, you should already know what your wife’s favourite flower is.  May women will be impressed with the romance of roses and the timeless elegance that lilies bring to any arrangement.  All that’s left sis to add an assortment of bright and vibrant colours and you have yourself a winning bouquet! 


Best flowers for an anniversary gift 

 While your wife may have swayed you into believing that roses are a must for any anniversary gift, there is a plethora of other creative flower choices that she is sure to love.  Some other romantic flower choices include tulips, irises, orchids and lilies.  If you’re looking for a specific flower type for an anniversary year, you’re in luck: 


  • 1st year: Carnations 
  • 2nd year: Lily of the Valley 
  • 3rd year: Sunflowers 
  • 4th year: Hydrangea
  • 5th year: Daisies 
  • 6th year: Calla Lilies 
  • 7th year: Freesia 
  • 8th year: Lilac 
  • 9th year: Bird of Paradise 
  • 10th year: Yellow Daffodil 


Best get well soon flowers 

 When it comes to choosing get well soon flowers almost anything goes – make sure to look for cheery and bright colours, as well as plenty of greenery.  This can help to convey a sense of healing and growth.  Depending on the illness, it may be a good idea to go for flowers that are low of fragrance-free.  This is why Gerber daises are a popular pick. Other popular choices include potted plants, peonies and hydrangeas.   


Are you choosing the right colour roses? 

 Most ladies will love receiving roses, but with such an assortment of colours to pick and choose from, how do you know you’re making the perfect choice?   


  • Red Roses: This colour rose is the traditional symbol for romance and love and is always the perfect way to say, ‘I love you’.   
  • Yellow Roses: Joyful and cheery, yellow roses help to create feelings of warmth and happiness.  Giving someone yellow roses can tell someone how much you value their friendship. 
  • Pink roses: Words like grace, joy and admiration are only a few words you can use to describe the pink rose.  A pink rose can help to convey happiness and admiration. 
  • White roses: White roses are traditionally used at weddings as they represent charm and purity.  They can also be used to represent new beginnings.