No matter how well-organised you are, or how many reminders you have set, chances are that at some point or other you’ll find yourself suddenly scrambling to find that perfect gift at the last minute. Whether it’s a rare or a common occurrence for you (risk-taker!), last minute gifts can be a bit of a minefield. 

Luckily there are some fantastic options out there that’ll get you out of a spot, and which will still impress the recipient with your gift-giving prowess. Find out some of the great ideas that are going to be crowd-pleasers even if they are a bit of an after-thought.  


Next day delivery 

If you’ve remembered just about in time, then do consider next day delivery online shopping options. Loads of brands offer this service, even when you order only the night before, and it can be so convenient, especially if you live far away since you can just get it delivered direct to the recipient’s address. This is ideal for things like clothing, chocolates, flowers, and lots more, so do consider some last minute online shopping as your lifeline. 


Thought about a gift card? 

A gift card doesn’t necessarily have to be boring, especially if you give it for a more unusual brand like a restaurant, spa or a gym. And happily gift cards are another thing that you can order online, and then print off. Pop it into a funky card and you have a gift that is still thoughtful, and yet just takes a moment to organise. 


An experience 

In the same ball park as gift cards, but perhaps just a little bit more creative, how about organising and booking an experience that the recipient can then enjoy at a later date. Many experience bookings don’t need to have a fixed date in mind when you book it either, meaning they are free to choose a time that suits them. Great experiences include hot air balloon rides, sports car racing and even escape rooms, so you can get creative even at a pinch. 

Last minute gifts don’t have to be dreadful – just don’t panic, and take advantage of one of these ideas here.