Although it’s easy enough to get in a bit of a flap about gift giving, there’s simply no need – it should be fun! And as we get older it is easier than ever to take it easy and plump for a fun novelty gift that you know is going to put a great big smile on your recipient’s face.  

A cheesy novelty gift lends itself so well to so many situations, and since most adults can buy what they really want anyway, it can also be the ideal way for you to come up with a gift that’s just a little bit more original. Read on for some inspiration right here.


A cuddly toy! 

The Generation Game loved them, and so do we, and especially for a partner, a cuddly toy can be really cute and totally cheesy gift to give! It’s the thought that counts, and the recipient is always going to think of you when they look at or cuddle up with their new soft toy. Our top choice of the moment has to be a cuddly toy unicorn, because why not?! 


A Nerf gun 

Okay, so we’re not sure exactly how cute this is, but the fun factor is definitely on point with a Nerf gun. This enduring popular kids toy was a big hit during our childhoods, and remains so today, so why not give a gift that’s basically a blast from the past. Nerf guns are big business which means there are plenty of fun options out there that’ll let them release their inner child. 


Visiting a trampoline park 

Trampolines are no longer just for kids, and these days you’ll find plenty of trampoline parks that boast adult entry, so why not treat someone to a trip! It’s exhilarating, it burns calories and it’s so much fun, so make some memories together with this fun gift.  

Sometimes it’s the silly gifts that are the best, so why not consider gifting a fun novelty gift to someone special.