Our top three favourite things in life happen to be flowers, fashion and interior design.  As we’re such big fans of these three subjects, we’ve accumulated a lot of ides and inspiration over the years.  Here we’re talking you through our top gift ideas for the flower fan in your life.  These ideas are particularly great for that girl who can’t get enough of floral patterns!

There really is nothing better than witnessing a sea of bright, colourful flowers in bloom once the Spring and Summer months arrive and we can never resist bringing a little piece of the outdoors inside with some fresh flower designs.

The Hat Box of Dreams

We can all agree that receiving a hat box of vibrant red roses is truly the stuff of dreams.  Any flower fan will be impressed by this spectacular flower arrangement!  A hat box full to the brim with your favourite flowers is a great gift idea.  Bloom Magic is a popular luxury online florist who specialise in these wonderful creations.  Plus, they offer local flower delivery throughout Ireland and the UK, including flower delivery Galway!

The Perfect Flower Crown for Summer

A flower crown has been on our radar for a while and we’re happy to report we have no found the perfect one!  This flower crown on Etsy is beautiful and will be a great gift for anyone planning a festival trip this summer.  This particular Etsy shop even make special duo crowns for mothers and daughters which would be an adorable gift.

Personalised Notebook

You can easily customise a notebook for jotting down important to-do lists and memories.  Get ready to design your flower inspired look on your computer and then print the number of pages you want.

Ever thought about making homemade perfume?

You may be surprised to hear this, but it is extremely easy to make floral and herb perfumes at home with the help of water and essential oils.  Make it a personal gift by adding your own special blend of flowers and herbs to a spray bottle to create an even richer and fuller scent.

DIY Wine Toppers

Providing your friend with a handy wine topper helps to prevent future spills and also preserves your wine for future sips.  Why not glue flowers to simple toppers for the flower fan in your life?

Dreamy Flower Magnets

Get ready to liven up dull and tired fridges or office spaces with these extra-special floral accents!  You can easily get the glue gun out and adhere your favourite fabric flowers to small magnets.  This will help you create a beautiful gift that is sure to stand the test of time.

Your very own potted succulent

If your friend is a big flower fan but isn’t bless with green fingers, you can opt to buy a succulent.  These special plants are both beautiful and super easy to maintain.  If you want to go one step further, you can plant one in a mason jar and add a floral ribbon for a fantastic touch.

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