Having trouble deciding on the perfect blooms for your big day?  Why not take a look at these tried-and-true favourites for some much-needed inspiration.

Picture yourself walking through a bright and verdant garden with every flower to pick and choose from.  Which flowers would you typically go with for your wedding: something elegant and timeless or more trend-led?  Colourful or neutral?  Minimal or large?  If you have no idea where to even start, then these popular flower choices will help you to narrow down your choices.




Representing ‘happy years’ and ‘consuming love’, the tulip can be an extremely meaningful wedding flower choice.  This particular flower is grown in a multitude of hues, including classic pastels, white and cream and vibrant shades including purple, red, magenta and orange.  This flower is available during most of the year and can be an affordable choice for many brides.



An all-star in the wedding world, roses have long been considered a symbol of love and beauty.  Far from boring, this special bloom is available in both solid hues and bicolour varieties.  Many of these hues are available year-round and can be surprisingly affordable.  The three most popular options for wedding flowers include hybrid tea roses, garden roses and spray roses.


Lily of the Valley

With its tiny bell-shape florets and thin stems, this flower is often referred to as the ‘ladder to heaven.’  The gorgeous perfumed scent of this flower is unmistakable and is a favourite amongst brides.  This particular flower is plentiful in Spring however, it can be pricey for the rest of the year. Most people are only aware of the white variety, but this flower also comes in a very rare rosy-pink hue.



Prizes for its impressive beauty and delicate look, the peony has a bold and bright colour and strong perfume.  This flower is available in two main types, the tree and the herbaceous peony.  A bouquet made solely from peonies can be spectacular and this flower can also be cut to create eye-catching centrepieces and table arrangements.  Grown in both single and double flower styles, this is an expensive bloom and is mainly available from late Spring to early Summer.



With its intense shades of purple, pink, burgundy and blue, we’re not surprised that this special flower represented ‘vanity’ in the Victorian language of flowers.  Just a stem or two of this flower can help to fill out any wedding bouquet and a few sprigs can make a charming boutonniere for the groom.